The Immorality of Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion, Explained

Comment:  Always eager to elevate our readers, OCTS wants to take a moment to clear up some clouded moral reasoning that GruberThink(tm) has slipped into Obamacare’s lexicon. We choose an example from Oklahoma to illustrate:

Jim McCarthy, CEO of the Community Health Connection

“[S]aid they hope the state legislature will rebalance Medicaid because right now some of the poorest Oklahomans are missing out. [...] McCarthy said it’s time to do the right thing morally and financially.”

Translating, Mr. McCarthy wants Oklahoma to ask Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion to loot other states to fund his clinic.  McCarthy believes this would be “do[ing] the right thing.”  But once upon a time we called taking strangers’ money without their permission “stealing.” Unfortunately for Mr. McCarthy, this is not moral, it is immoral.  And, prior to Obamacare, it was illegal.

Obamacare’s GruberThink(tm) has confused Mr. McCarthy’s moral compass, but yours doesn’t have to be–OCTS is happy to clear things up.

Pro-tip for Mr. McCarthy: The morally upright course is–if you think something is worth the money–to raise the issue and the money in your own community (or state), and fund whatever charity care you want. That’s more efficient than sending it through Washington, completely moral, and far more financially responsible too.  Best of all, there’s no need to steal your clinic’s funding from other states!

“TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — The State of Oklahoma could face a healthcare crisis in 2017.”

“There will only be one insurance company offering policies on the Healthcare Exchange and premiums are expected to go up by at least 50%.”

The Affordable Care Act is getting expensive in Oklahoma
By Charles Ely

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