Top Tweets – Fork in the Road

As Obamacare unravels, the next debate will be whether to continue in the same direction towards single-payer, or about-face and reintroduce market forces into healthcare.  The Truth Squad has argued from the beginning that the construction of a humane healthcare system lies in the direction of LESS government intervention, not more.  Join us on Twitter most Mondays 10am ET for ‘Single-Payer Mondays’ and most Fridays at the same time for ‘Free Market Fridays’.  Here are some of our most recent tweets on those themes:

 Single Payer

Well, that didn’t take long. Progs push for #SinglePayer citing Obamacare’s latest troubles.

“Colorado single-payer health care plan would quickly implode”

Colorado #SinglePayer would cost more than 140 percent of the total current state budget.

Colorado won’t be able to negotiate lower pharma prices; bigger entities have tried and failed.

Cuban #SinglePayer gangsters win – tourist’s body flown home after £7,000 surgically removed from family

#SinglePayer in haste, repent at leisure.

Free Market

New Hampshire price transparency program: $12M in savings, $1M paid to patients as rewards in 3 yrs

Wanted: Bounty Hunters in healthcare. ‘Right to Shop’ rebate programs spreading to other states.

The wages of non-transparency: “A knee MRI in New York City ranging from $440 to $4,500

Legalize Catastrophic Insurance! (spread the word and help us make this happen!)


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