Obamacare’s Meltdown — 2017 RATE SHOCK Round Up

Comment: New rate approvals are dribbling in for 2017.  We thought you might enjoy seeing our collection of “Obamacare savings” reports thus far. And don’t miss our #PremiumPain series on Twitter.

Update, 9/9/2016
WA – “Insurers selling plans on the Exchange were given an average approved rate increase of 13.1 percent

MD – “The cost of health insurance plans offered under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)” will jump 20 percent or more next year under rates to be announced Friday by Maryland regulators.”

Posted 9/6/2016:
CT – “averaging nearly 25 percent for individuals”

MN – “The Dayton Administration announced skyrocketing cost increases of anywhere from 47% to 108% for Minnesotans who buy their own health insurance for 2017.”

FL – “Florida’s Obamacare premiums to rise average 19 percent in 2017, state says”

TN – “Cigna asked for and received an average 46.3 percent increase, Humana asked for and received an average 44.3 percent increase. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, which did not refile its request, asked for and received a 62 percent increase.”
“2017, 57 of Tennessee’s 95 counties will have only one choice: BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee.”

CA – COVEREDCA average rates to rise 13.2%

NY – Individual market, 16.6% 2017

MI – Affordable Care Act rates may jump 17.3% in Michigan

OR – 9.8% to 32%
“In the individual market, the division’s final rate decisions range from an average rate increase of 9.8 percent to an average rate increase of 32 percent, depending on the insurance company.”

OK – Says it has no authority to review rate requests, since this conflicts with a 2010 change to OK constitution prohibiting laws compelling health plans
“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma — the only confirmed healthcare.gov participant for next year — filed increases ranging from 49.77 percent to 51.65 percent on three different plans.”

TX – BCBS of Texas seeks 58% hikes for 2017

We note that the Obamacare zombies who had, until now, boasted of their unAffordable Act’s supposed “savings” and “control” of health care prices, have changed tactics.

The new line they are selling is that the unAffordable Act’s catastrophic failure (and the complete implosion of their snake-oil sales affordability narrative) doesn’t matter, because the taxpayer pays for it.

(Given that Obamacare has failed catastrophically, we feel this would be a great time to bring back true catastrophic insurance, don’t you? See our proposal here and help us help consumers!)

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