Top Tweets – Bad Week for Medicaid Expansion

Study: Medicaid expansion reduced employment in the many states that participated in it

Kasich’s reform package goes down in flames; his Medicaid expansion guarantees state budget woes ahead

Medicaid improper payment total hits ONE TRILLION DOLLARS; problem getting worse

CBO: price tag for Medicaid expansion this year is $64 billion. Taxpayers on the hook.

BCBS to cover insurerless Az county, but jacks up rates 50% and drops a different county

Maine co-op leaves New Hampshire market; having financial issues, claims higher than expected

Including off-exchange, “About half the individual health insurance market is subsidized and half is not.”

CMMI runs amok: reducing payments for chemo, running demo covering 75% of the country, bypassing testing.

“Gallup Poll: More Than Half of Americans Disapprove of Obamacare”; more say it has hurt them

‘You’ll save $2,500’. That’s what you sold us. That’s what you promised. That’s what you’re responsible for. And, no, we won’t forget.


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