Top Tweets – Still Cockamamie After All These Years

There is more wrong-headed thinking packed into every square inch of Obamacare than anything else on the planet. From just last week’s news:

“Study Finds Illinois Emergency Room Visits Surged After Obamacare”

ACA “makes private practice a financially infeasible option for thousands of doctors.” It’s deliberate.

Washington’s dream of running all medical care thru #Hospitrosses – higher costs and worse outcomes

New GAO sting finds still vulnerable to fraud

“All 2015 Risk Corridor Funding To Go Toward 2014 Shortfall” #StupidityOfTheAmericanMastermind

States misusing federal grants and Medicaid money to keep Obamacare exchanges afloat

“55% of doctors in major metropolitan areas refuse to take new Medicaid patients”

Totally insane “Hill Dems Push To Open CA’s Obamacare Exchange To Undocumented Immigrants”

Another Obamacare ACO bites the dust; “financial uncertainties”, “unrealistic”. #StupidityOfTheAmericanMastermind

#StupidGovernment keeps underestimating cost of Obamacare Medicaid expansion

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