Top Tweets – By Hook or by Crook

People may not understand healthcare policy, but they understand wrong-doing.  The Obamacare news this week starts with flim-flam, deception, and bribery.  But what else would you expect from a law born of flim-flam, deception, and bribery?

CMS misusing taxpayer info to target mandate payers in Obamacare marketing campaign

HHS hides report suggesting Medicaid expansion cause of stunning rise in Medicaid fraud.

Taxpayers failing to reconcile ACA credits to wages; IRS spits out subsidies anyway. #RubeGoldbergsRevenge

CMS hands remaining insurers a crutch, signaling it will go easy on consumer complaints (enrollment errors, etc.)

“ObamaCare Individual Mandate Fine Hit 8 Million People This Year”

#PremiumPain #61 – Colorado Obamacare rates jump ave 20%

Obamacare plans have 34% fewer providers in network than off-exchange plans (‘But it’s better!!!’ Sure.)

ACA will depress wages for high-skilled workers by 1.3%, low-income workers by 3%.

Medicaid expansion drags down economy; full expansion would ding activity $174B, destroy 200,000 jobs

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