Top Tweets – I Don’t Feel So Good

This first tweet comes from the novel Darkness at Noon about Stalin’s show trials. The quote refers to the messianic but completely clueless apparatchiks of the Soviet Union (remind you of anyone?) –

 “We diagnosed the disease and its causes with microscopic exactness, but wherever we applied the healing knife a new sore appeared.”

#PremiumPain #62 – North Carolina facing 19-25% increases; 90% of state down to 1 insurer

“Health Insurance Premiums Have Continued To Rise Faster Than Worker Wages Under Obamacare”

Most remaining co-ops are in deep financial trouble

Forced migration of sick failed co-op customers now driving deterioration in insurer profitability

Obamacare Ponzi scheme keeps GDP close to 0; no spending money left after hi premiums that cover nothing

“Cyberattacks on personal health records growing ‘exponentially’” (Sure, I’ll send mine to Washington)

Doc: Gov’t government control of healthcare has disastrous effects on cost, quality, and individual well-being.

Medicaid expansion is like crack cocaine – the dealer makes sure the first hit is free.




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