Obamacare Is Dead, Long Live the Single-Prayer(tm) Express-to-Nowhere Train Wreck Ahead!

New York Times: Ailing Obama Health Care Act May Have to Change to Survive

Comment: Now it’s official–Obamacare is a train wreck.  Twisted, rusting wreckage, full of injured people tangled in a web of dishonest government Gruberisms, caught, with their options cut off by government on every side, unable to move.  The economy’s frozen and health care rates are on fire, all thanks to Obamacare.

Shall we clear the wreckage, America, and restore the People’s choices?   Or shall we heap up more of the same, wreck another train on top of this one?  That is the question.

“President Obama’s signature domestic achievement will almost certainly have to change to survive. The two major parties agree that for too many people, health plans in the individual insurance market are still too expensive and inaccessible.”

Ah yes, the solution for takeover and complete failure is…more, more, more!

Ailing Obama Health Care Act May Have to Change to Survive

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