MN Paper: Time To Shutter MNSure

It’s time for the state of Minnesota to begin the process of shuttering MNsure, the state’s health insurance exchange.”

Ha ha ha ha…!

“But before partisans dance with glee or revolt and rebuke,”


“everyone needs to realize one thing: The problem isn’t just MNsure. Rather, MNsure is one of many complex problems that partisan politicians at the state and federal levels find easier to use as political clubs than work together to solve.”

Oh dear, national socialist health care is one of many “complex problems”.  Whoever could’ve imagined that taking some people’s health care and giving it to others would be so problematic, or cost the people who pay for it all, more?  But good news–it’s fixable, if only…

“And, no, the answer is NOT to scrap the entire Affordable Care Act. It has increased access to coverage and continues to raise awareness of costs. The reality is, though, key parts of if [sic] need to be revamped at the federal level.”

“Until that happens, MNsure is a bad investment for taxpayers and something that will always suck all the political air out of the room. From the $300 million-plus cost to build it to the millions more it costs annually to operate, Minnesotans will be better served by transitioning to the federal exchange while pushing for federal reforms.”

So what does the SCTimes think the problem is?  Get ready for this–a small fraction of our young people didn’t buy into this turkey!  Oh dear, we can’t allow that!  People not buying something they don’t want, that’s a horrible deal for them? The NERVE of those kids!  We need their MONEY!

“Don’t kid yourself. Shuttering MNsure will do very little to stem the skyrocketing prices (and limited choices) consumers experience on the exchange. The fundamental forces driving those conditions are too many consumers with high health-care costs and too few healthy people paying premiums but not needing care.”

“Federal statistics show about 15 percent of adults ages 25-44 do not have insurance. Remember, a key component of the ACA was getting these mostly healthy people to buy in or at least pay a fine through their taxes.”

Okay, they’ve admitted their boondoogle is a trainwreck .  And their solution?  More!  More taxes! More subsidies!  More Grubers!  And most especially, more FORCE!  We gotta continue to CRAM this thing down your throats whether you little people like it or not!!

“Clearly, that’s not working. Perhaps a more stringent penalty is needed or a carrot, not a stick. Regardless, federal lawmakers need to find ways to get more of these people swimming in the pool of insured Americans.”

SCTimes Editorial Board 5:30 p.m. CDT October 7, 2016

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