Top Tweets – The President’s Speech

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 Comparing his signature healthcare law to an exploding cell phone has got to be just about the worst choice of metaphor ever, but the rest of President Obama’s speech defending Obamacare wasn’t any better:

President: Obamacare is exploding! Don’t allow it on planes! Pull it off the market!

President’s Lie #1: ‘20M have health insurance.’ No, a lot more people are on welfare.

President’s Lie #2: ‘ER use down under Medicaid expansion.’ Recent study confirms ER us UP.

President’s Lie #3: ‘Coverage is better.’ Narrow networks, canceled policies, increased deductibles

President’s Lie #4: ‘States can afford Medicaid expansion.’ No, blowing billion-dollar holes in OH, KY budgets

President’s Lie #5: ‘Most plans cost $75/mo.’ No, most people in individual market don’t qualify for subsidies.

President’s Lie #6: ‘Most exchanges working well.’ KY, OR dumped exchanges, others near collapse.

President’s Lie #7: ‘Premium increases are manageable.’ Obama himself admits rates up 50% in some states.

Florida, site of President’s ACA speech: most insurers gone, deductibles up 23%, premiums up 13%

Leaked memo shows Dems’ public brave face on Obamacare a sham; “too expensive”, “disconcerting”

GOP says no to helping President fix his stupid, disastrous healthcare law

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