REBELLION–Over Half of Physicians Won’t Take New Obamacare Patients

Comment: Patients aren’t the only ones dissatisfied with national socialized medicine–podiatrists are voting with their feet!

The number of physicians who say they’re accepting health insurance plans offered on Obamacare’s federal and state marketplaces has plummeted nearly 20 percentage points, creating yet another crack in the president’s rapidly buckling health care law.”

“According to a recent survey by SERMO, a social network for physicians, about 57 percent of doctors said they won’t be taking new patients insured by the plans next year. That’s down about four percentage points from last year, when 61 percent of physicians said the same, Forbes reported Monday.”

“But a similar survey conducted by the Medical Group Management Association back in 2014 showed that at the time, 76.5 percent of physicians said their practice were accepting insurance plans offered on the state and federal marketplaces.”

Physicians’ Participation in Obamacare Plummets 20 Percent
Brittany M. Hughes, October 31, 2016

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