An Obamacare Guide to 2016 ELECTION FRAUD

Comment: Election-integrity activist Catherine Engelbrecht explains how Obamacare — which registered 12.7 million voters last year alone based on self-attestations — has made one of the greatest mass-election frauds in human history possible IN THIS 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION:


“Is election fraud a real problem? Yes.

How bad is it? Well, we have over eight hundred convictions listed in our online election-crimes database.  But that number doesn’t begin to scratch the surface because for every case of fraud that’s actually run through the multi-year gauntlet of litigation that’s generally necessary to get a conviction, another hundred cases were never prosecuted at all.

So what about the stats that are being broadcast about the 1.8 million dead people that are on the rolls or the double-registrations, and the 1-in-8 files being wrong? Is that true?

Yes! It’s all true.  Those numbers were released in study from Pew Center on the States way back in 2012.

Gosh that’s old, what’s changed since then? It’s gotten worse.

So, if election fraud is such a big threat, why is it so hard to find fraudsters?

Aha! Now we are getting to the real crux of the problem. The reason election fraud is hard to quantify is become the fraud has become institutionalized.

What do I mean by that? Well I’m glad you asked!

Let me give you a real-world example using Obamacare. Obamacare registered 12.7 million people just during their last enrollment period, just last year. All enrollee information is based only on self-attestation. What that means is, when a voter’s registration is completed in the Obamacare app, the info is piped directly to the enrollee’s home state–no check for citizenship, or for anything else for that matter.

We regularly offer non-citizens opportunities to register to vote as part and parcel of other social services that Obamacare made them eligible for. And the resulting impact is that millions of illegal aliens could be voting in the upcoming election. And, given our current process, we would be powerless to stop it.

How can that be? Well, because if states try to determine the citizenship status of people in their voter-rolls, they’re sued by the federal government. If states try to implement common-sense voter identification efforts, they’re sued by the federal government.

In fact, in eighteen states right now you can ask for no type of identification at all at the polls. That’s insanity.

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