Top Tweets – Medicaid Expansion Train Wreck

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Medicaid expansion wishful thinking blows up; enrollment more than double what was expected.

Medicaid expansion explosions: CA 322%, NY 276%, NV 140%, CO 139% more enrollees than predicted

Oops, Medicaid expansion to cost $376 million more than expected in Louisiana this year

South Dakota Governor abandons possible Medicaid expansion after meeting with Pence

“The effort to expand Medicaid in Georgia just died.”  Good riddance!

States refusing Medicaid expansion vindicated for resisting force, bribes of ‘free’ money, Washington arm-twisting

New study confirms ER visits INCREASE not decrease after Medicaid expansion

Feds still allergic to Medicaid expansion work requirements; New Hampshire plan latest denied

“Florida looks to cover housing services under Medicaid” #MissionCreep #WrongDirection

Human cost of Medicaid fraud: gangrenous toes, freeze to death, die emaciated & covered in excrement

Debt-fueled Medicaid expansion – No T-bill Left Behind!



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