Top Tweets – Don’t Think for a Minute the Torrent of Bad News About Obamacare Has Stopped

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Our 10,000th tweet:
Our 10,000th tweet. Name us one single other law that has had 10,000 things go wrong with it.

Don’t think for a minute that the torrent of bad news about Obamacare has stopped.  Here’s the latest:

Study: Obamacare premium increases worse than government admits

#GeniusMasterminds screw up again: 2015 risk corridor claims by losers 60 times greater than what winners made.

ACA small biz chaos; expensive tracking software to monitor taxes, wages and hours; fear messing up

ACA 29-er Club: less loyalty in the workforce, higher turnover, and poorer morale. Forced to get 2nd job.

Ageist ACA disincentivizes hiring older workers

New study confirms ER visits INCREASE not decrease after Medicaid expansion

New York misused up to $150 million in fed money in setting up state exchange.

Enrollers running into resistance: “If it’s going to be dismantled, why sign up?”

Obamacare a masterpiece of failed central planning. #StupidGovernment #GeniusMasterminds

“Our nation has wasted eight years with this vain and costly experiment in statist coercion.”


2 + 2 = what again?

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