Top Tweets – Key Message: #ObamacareHurtsPeople

A messaging expert recommended this week that we push back against the efforts being organized to stop repeal by stressing how Obamacare hurts people.  The Truth Squad has been doing precisely that ever since this dreadful law was passed.  Just read any of our 10,000 tweets.  Below we reprise the tweets compiled for the November 5, 2016 issue of this newsletter and add stories that appeared just in the last week.  We finish with commentary tweets conveying our basic message.

If you tweet, we suggest you use the hashtag #ObamacareHurtsPeople.  Also, if you want more ammo, go to and search the Truth Squad’s complete Twitter history for the word ‘hurt’. 

From the last week:

Obamacare driving healthcare spending higher

Life expectancy decreasing under Obamacare

#ObamacareHurtsPeople – we all pay more because subsidized insurance causes overconsumption of medical services

Millennials “avoiding the Affordable Care Act for one simple reason: It’s not a good deal for us.”

Consequence of Medicaid expansion’s spike in ER visits: worse health outcomes

Texas restaurant closes because of Obamacare’s “oppressive penalties”; 50+ people thrown out of work.

Obamacare’s hi premiums damaging independent docs, fueling consolidation wave

From November 5th:

If you support Obamacare, you’re deliberately trying to hurt people. Here’s proof -

50 million Americans hurt by Obamacare price increases

Rates have increased 116% cumulatively since ACA, more than double the pre-Obamacare rate.

Anger growing over price hikes; photos of new bills being posted on social media

Number of counties down to one insurer doubles to 1,000

Obamacare is a poor value; hi deductibles keep people from using their plans. “I’m not happy”

12 restaurant brands have gone bankrupt b/c of Obamacare. More money for premiums = less for pizza

“After Subsidies, Many Young Singles Will Pay at Least $2,484 a Year in Obamacare Premiums”

Alaska Medicaid expansion starting to suck the money out of other state services; courts and UAlaska hit

IL Medicaid expansion cutting access for most vulnerable; disabled wait-listed b/c of perverse funding incentives

We finish with commentary tweets:

Here’s the retort to all trying to save the ACA: Obamacare has failed and is hurting people.

Repeal will stop the bleeding.  We can’t let this law hurt any more people. Repeal will give immediate relief.

Repeal will make healthcare more secure and assist the victims of Obamacare’s false promises.


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