Top Tweets – More Ramming and Cramming

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The new Governor of North Carolina applied for a waiver to impose Medicaid expansion in his state, despite the fact there are state laws prohibiting it unless enacted by the legislature.  The scofflaws in Washington promised quick action on the request.  So here we have yet another pen-and-a-phone executive overreach and more breaches of the rule of law under Obamacare.  It wasn’t enough that this atrocity of a law was rammed down our throats without a single Republican vote or that President Obama unilaterally amended it a couple dozen times.  The authoritarian Left never learns and that’s why we must fight them.  The week’s top tweets:

Renegade NCarolina Governor files w/feds for Medicaid expansion despite law expressly prohibiting such a move.

HHS drones happy to aid and abet lawlessness, pledge quick action on NC Guv’s Medicaid expansion application

ACA’s victims are legion – cancer patients, self-employed, small biz, millennials, etc.

More victims: couple digging into retirement nest egg to afford Obamacare

“Obamacare a Factor in IHOP Owner’s Decision to Sell His 16 Restaurants”

Among Obamacare’s victims: higher taxes paid by those w/chronic medical conditions & people who buy Rx drugs.

IRS: individual mandate payers down 20%, ACA welfare tax credit rolls swell 60%. #ItsNotWorking

ACA co-op losses exceed $1.8 billion. Now we know the price of #UnicornsAndRainbows

ACA: “craziest thing in the world”, “no longer affordable”, “unsustainable”, “unfair” – and these are the Dems!

Oh, and don’t forget Max Baucus, the Democrat who coined the term ‘Obamacare train wreck’!

Train wreck ACA claiming more victims by the day.




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