TOP TWEETS – Poll-tested Messages

You don’t have to wait for poll-testing to start using these messages. Guaranteed to make people mad right away!

Trump should end OPM’s ‘small business’ sham and make Congress suffer under Obamacare like the rest of us.

Humana to exit Obamacare completely in 2018; sees further signs of deteriorating risk pool

“Aetna CEO says Obamacare individual plans are in ‘death spiral’”. #StupidityOfTheAmericanMastermind–finance.html

“The latest enrollment period was the first to see fewer new signups than the year before. It won’t be the last.”

Higher premiums to drive taxpayer bill for increased ACA subsidies up $10 billion in 2017

‘I speak to CEOs and managers every day and they tell me the reason they don’t hire is the cost of healthcare.’

Medicaid expansion blows way past cost estimates in Oregon – $217M estimated state cost balloons to $353M

Louisiana Medicaid expansion blows past projections, presaging fiscal disaster for state.

84% of new beneficiaries under Obamacare attributable to increases in Medicaid enrollment, i.e., WELFARE

10% of all Medicaid money improperly spent – $29 billion last year

Medicaid expansion – getting more people on welfare is great only if you’re a politician trying to buy votes. Then it’s a great triumph.

Funny how ACA cheerleaders neglect to say Increase in individual enrollment offset by decline in employer coverage

They can try to dazzle us with their rhetoric all they want, but Obamacare did NOT ‘bend the cost curve down’.

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