TOP TWEETS – If You Like Your Administrator ….

Woman finds price of keeping her doctors went from $188 to $773/mo under Obamacare.

Obamacare subsidies to more than double to $97 billion by 2027

Molina threatens to pull out of Obamacare after huge losses; “simply too many unknowns”

Obamacare architects had 6 years to develop a viable stable risk pool and they FAILED miserably. #FullRepeal

Unless Obamacare is repealed, 2 MILLION JOBS will be lost by 2025.

49% of New York manufacturers raising workers’ deductibles because of Obamacare

Obamacare advisor: over half of health workers are administrators, up from just over one third before ACA.

UnAffordable Care Act driving people into short-term insurance, health-sharing ministries

Because of Medicaid expansion, Medicaid spending to reach $650 billion by 2027. #Unsustainable

Comptroller General: Medicaid waste much worse than 10% official estimate. Managed care waste not examined.

Basing healthcare policy for the entire nation on the needs of a few special cases is the tail wagging the dog.

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