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A couple of weeks ago, Mike Pence called all the promises the Democrats ever made about Obamacare ‘fake news.’  Well, there was plenty of news this week showing just how fake Obamacare is in many respects:

Everywhere you turn now, there’s another story about how popular Obamacare has become since the election.  It’s all fake.  Democrat pollsters cook up phony poll numbers and complicit media serve them up to you without any hesitation.  The poll questions are rigged – ‘do you like Obamacare’s community rating mandate?’, for example.  Community rating is what makes young people pay more so older people can pay less.  That’s like asking ‘do you want free ice cream?’ Support for community rating drops significantly when the poll question includes the cost of the mandate.  The polls also leave out the fact that the replacement components under discussion – HSAs, selling insurance across state lines – are popular.

Obamacare sure isn’t very popular with the people stuck on it.  Get this:  customer satisfaction with Obamacare plans dropped from 77 percent just a year ago to only 22 percent today.  Another year of premium increases, lack of choice of insurance companies and doctors, and declining benefits has made customers hate Obamacare – not to mention the fake customer service they’re getting.  Good luck trying to talk to someone about your claim or your denial.  Customer service is not going well, one story said.

Then there are the fake statistics we see everywhere now.  ‘Obamacare covered 20 million people’ they keep saying but, it turns out, that was only an estimate and 8 out of 10 newly covered are welfare cases resulting from Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

They keep saying how wonderful it is that people with preexisting conditions can’t be denied coverage under Obamacare, but there was another story this week showing that’s pretty fake, too.  Patients with preexisting conditions are being hit with high deductibles and co-pays, and skimpy drug coverage.  Prescriptions are the major expense for a lot of them, so their Obamacare plans are not nearly as good as they thought they were going to be.  There were stories like this a year ago about AIDS patients so, apparently, the situation hasn’t gotten any better.

Remember when Obama said he wouldn’t accept any healthcare bill that added to the deficit and the Democrats waited until CBO scored the cost of Obamacare under a trillion dollars over ten years?  Now we know that Obamacare could only have reduced the deficit IF the Medicare cuts, the ratcheting down of the tax credits, and the Cadillac tax all take effect as scheduled.  That’s a lot of ‘if’s’ and none of them are likely to happen.  More fakery.  Instead of a law that cuts the deficit, we have a law that ADDS to the deficit and will keep right on doing so.

Then there’s John Kasich’s fake claims of success.  He continues to tell people that the Bible told him to spend the next generation into oblivion and that his pen-and-a-phone Medicaid expansion in Ohio is wonderful.  Not true.  Medicaid expansion in Ohio is $2.9 billion over budget in just the first two years, but you won’t hear that from him – big phony.  The days of ‘free money’ for Medicaid expansion are over.  You aren’t hearing states screaming much about the cost yet, but you will when the numbers start coming in.  How do I know?  Because Medicaid expansion has blown past projections in every single state where it’s been adopted.  Those states will rue the day they went down that road.

Finally, I mentioned last week that 60 percent of Facebook posts defending Obamacare are fake, coming from paid activists, not grass roots.  I tweeted that on Monday and it was an instant success.  It was the most popular tweet we had all week.


“Pence: Democrats’ Obamacare promises were ‘fake news’”

Mythic surge in Obamacare popularity is FAKE NEWS – Dem pollsters, cherry-picked findings, partisan press

Support for ACA’s community rating drops if problems and costs included in poll question

FAKE POLLS leave out fact ‘replace’ components are popular – HSAs, low-cost ins w/o mandates, interstate market

“ObamaCare’s Popularity Is A Myth — Enrollee Satisfaction Craters To 22% As Exchanges Collapse”. “http://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/obamacare-repeal-just-got-easier-as-enrollee-satisfaction-plunges/

Obamacare’s 22% customer approval rating is down from 77% just a year ago! #LemonLaw

ACA satisfaction nosedives – hi prices, lack of choice, narrow networks, bad customer service

Obamacare: good luck getting your claim, denial, or payment handled smoothly. #ItsNotWorking

FAKE STATISTICS – ACA did not ‘cover’ 20 million. Based on surveys and estimates, not real data

Insurers chintzing preexisting coverage to point no longer adequate – hi deductibles/co-pays, no Rx coverage, etc.

‘ACA reduces deficit’ ONLY IF: Medicare cuts, tax credit limitations, & Cadillac tax really happen. #BudgetBuster

“Kasich’s Medicaid expansion ran $2.9 billion over budget in the just the first two years.”

Politicians can no longer ignore Medicaid expansion explosion; days of ‘free money’ are over.

Enrollment has blown past projections in every single Medicaid expansion state.

60% of Facebook posts defending Obamacare are FAKE – coming from paid activists, not grass roots.

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