Bad News: Iowa Down to One Insurer (top tweets)

“Nearly all Iowa counties are down to a single insurer as Aetna calls it quits”

Wellmark to leave Iowa ACA exchange; 21,400 can’t keep their plans. #ItsNotWorking

Knoxville could be first U.S. city with no Obamacare insurer, if Human exits as announced

Minnesota insurers bleed $687 million, worst year in a decade

Ending Congress’ illegal Obamacare exemption would light a fire under lawmakers to repeal this stupid law.

Editorial page echoes call for ending Congressional Obamacare exemption

Virginia Gov. ‘Tilts-at-Windmills’ McAuliffe loses Medicaid expansion bid for umpteenth time.

Medicaid expansion rejected in Kansas as governor’s veto stands.  Virginia and Kansas – so much for ‘momentum’.

Minnesota joins Alaska and Maine in turning to hi risk pools to handle preexisting conditions

‘Obamacare popular’ poll results premised on false choice in poll question.  #RiggedPolls

As bad as Obamacare premiums are, they would be 19% higher if Congress stopped hiding the true cost.

Thousands of brokers exit Obamacare as commissions dry up.

ACA food labeling rules require 34 MILLION combinations for pizza shops at a cost of $5K/location. #WorthlessInfo

ACA preexisting coverage not working for Chicago family. Costs escalating, networks dwindling. $46K before ins.



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