Bad News: “The disappearing Obamacare insurers” (top tweets)

“The disappearing Obamacare insurers”

“Major Obamacare Insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield Won’t Turn a Profit in 2017”

ACA cheerleaders bogus claim ‘preexisting conditions not covered pre-ACA’ – employers, HIPAA could not deny.

Guaranteed Issue and Community Rating sound like nice ideas, but give individual market indigestion

Unappropriated cost sharing subsidies are unconstitutional.

Couple couldn’t afford $22K ACA premium, had to change plans, lost doctors and hospitals

Less than 3% of docs give Obamacare an ‘A’

Doc: ‘Sorry, you’re not my focus anymore. Now, I’ve got to respond to the federal bureaucracy, not you.’

Medicaid expansion blows $1 billion hole in Oregon state budget, despite robust economy.

Heads up – Medicaid expansionistas plan another veto override attempt in May

“Repealing IPAB Key to Preserving Patient Access to Health Care”

Congress exemption: “Denying special privileges for the political elite is something I hope everyone can agree on”


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