Bad News: Obamacare Insurers on Endangered Species List

“Here’s how many insurers ditched each state’s Obamacare exchanges in 2017”

O-admin launched train wreck despite security warnings from contractor.

Congress should not exempt itself from replacement bill like it did in ACA if it wants to win 2018 elections.

So what if Obamacare ‘increases access’? New study shows it has had ZERO impact on overall health.

Expanded access a chimera; more healthcare little effect b/c Personal Determinants of Health 90% of the picture

Hollywood writers pumped Obamacare, but screaming in contract talks about health benefits facing insolvency

Heresy! Oregon Dems float end to Medicaid expansion to deal with $1.6B deficit. #YouAskedForThisMess

Medicaid expansionistas spreading lie Ohio cost overrun an ‘anomaly’. Sorry, costs blew up everywhere.

Health sharing ministries can now operate in Montana; not ‘insurance’

T-admin should modify ACA’s misguided Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) rules that drive premiums higher

T-admin mulls rescinding stupid Obamacare physician-owned hospital restrictions; asks for comment



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