Bad News: Who Will Speak for Obamacare’s Victims?

“I haven’t seen an ob/gyn in three years because we can’t afford insurance.” #ObamacareTrainWreck

“It’s cheaper to pay out of pocket than to pay for insurance.” #ItsNotWorking

Obamacare plans would cost 20% more if we stopped hiding the ball w/subsidies. #WrongDirection

“Thousands of Obamacare Customers Left Without Options as Insurers Bolt”

“Patients can’t find docs who take FL Medicaid” – “I feel so helpless”

Protections for preexisting conditions were in place before Obamacare (employer, HIPAA, hi risk pools)

Price of pre-Obamacare plans with preexisting conditions coverage similar to price of ACA plans today

House GOP leaders move to cut lawmaker Obamacare exemption from repeal bill (talk about tone deaf, wow!)

Trump appears to break campaign promise, will continue to defend HHS contraception mandate

Arkansas plan would revert eligibility back from 138 to 100% of poverty to fix Medicaid expansion fiscal disaster.

Doctor explains how Obamacare, ‘healthcare is a right’ chased her out of medicine

“Running The Numbers On Mortality Rates Suggests Obamacare Could Be Killing People”

Obamacare is working out as well as Prohibition did. #GreatAmericanDisasters



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