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Bad News: Fiddling While Rome Burns

Magical thinking: CBO score once again relies on individual mandate to herd people into Obamacare. Fake news: ‘CBO: 23M to lose coverage under GOP bill’. No, large bulk not currently covered. HHS: cost of individual health insurance has … Continue reading

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Bad News: ACA Price Increases Outta Sight

Obamacare supporters’ latest entry in the ‘Lie of the Year’ contest: ‘It’s Trump that made Obamacare prices go up.’ Nice try. They’ll say anything to keep this national disaster in place. Not a single price hike below the rate of … Continue reading

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It’s Official, Obamacare Has Doubled Premiums In Just Three Years

Comment: Data from, the nation’s largest online health insurance broker, indicate that their average non-subsidized premium has increased 99% for an individual since the “Affordable” Care Act took effect, and 140% for the average family. Remember the excuses?  Remember … Continue reading

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