Bad News: No Train Wreck Left Behind

BCBS exits Nebraska exchange, leaving one insurer.

“Trump Drafts Rule to Overturn Obama Mandate Forcing Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortions”

“Small Businesses Look for Relief from Obamacare Employer Mandate, Restaurateur Says”

Thanks to ACA, if you are hired part-time, you stay part-time.

New rules allow individuals and small businesses to use online brokers instead of

Support for ACA’s community rating plummets when poll includes higher costs, taxes, reduced quality for all.

Corral the doctors, control the people – “less than half of physicians are independent”. Thanks, ACA

Another study casts doubt on ACA ‘preventive care saves money’ assumption

EHR co. fined $155M for faulty software, fraud, kickbacks. (ACA never about healthcare; follow the money)

How many ACA cheerleaders will defend Obamacare when single-payer debate comes? Not many. So don’t t take anything they say seriously today.

Medicaid spending rises – is not ‘slashed’ – under Trump budget.

Louisiana lawmakers vote to become more dependent on federal money to fix Medicaid expansion train wreck

Illinois should freeze enrollment to fix Illinois Medicaid expansion train wreck

Medicaid not meant t/b permanent substitute for work. Supposed t/b temporary. Good goal – people off rolls.

Inconvenient truth – Obamacare was failing long before Trump came along



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