Groundhog Day: Rate Hikes and Dead Zones

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Anthem leaves Ohio ACA exchange – 20 more Obamacare ‘dead zones’ created.

Two Washington State counties stranded – no ACA insurer.  #ItsNotWorking

More ACA dead zones likely in Missouri, Iowa, rural areas, etc.

“Obamacare Insurer Participation Declines 24 Percent in 2017”

NY tries to prevent insurers from leaving ACA by threatening expulsion from other gov’t health programs. #Amerika

Obamacare Truth Squad predicted years ago gov’ts would tell insurers ‘stay in ACA or lose all gov’t contracts. It’s happening in NY.

“NH insurer seeks 30% rate hike”–20170606

“New York Insurers Seek Rate Hikes as High as 47% for Obamacare Policies in 2018”

Maine insurer seeks ave 40% hikes on ACA plans

New unknown for remaining insurers: how sick are the people who switch b/c former insurer left ACA?

The people responsible for ACA’s triple-digit premium increases are the people who supported ACA.

Obamacare taxes have cost jobs, hurt middle class, and raised premiums.

Medicaid: fraud-ridden budget-buster that doesn’t expand access or improve health outcomes

Ballooning Medicaid costs provoke budget crises in states around the country.

Medicaid expansion hurts people with disabilities – IL and OH cut access to expand to able-bodied

Myth: ‘fee-for-service payment is inflationary’. Not so for roof repairs, computers, legal services.

Bundled payments (Value Based Payments) have led to horrendous inflation in cost of higher education

Hospital uncompensated care negligible problem until health policy wonks seized on it to justify universal ins

“I am now paying for a healthcare coverage that’s essentially unusable.” Premiums tripled, deductible doubled

Craig and Cindy Williams have seen their ACA out-of-pocket costs rise 70%; now their policy is being canceled.

I’m glad Obamacare is helping you, but it’s hurting lots of other people.


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