Groundhog Day: Price Increases & Insurer Exits

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Molina loses $230M, cuts 1,500 jobs, boosts rates 55%, exits quagmire ACA markets in Utah, Wisconsin

CMS projects 49 county ACA dead zones next year, 1,300 others down to one insurer. #ItsNotWorking

40 U.S. counties expected to be ACA dead zones next year, but number could climb into the hundreds

Anthem to dump 60% of its Obamacare customers in California next year

“Health insurers in Idaho request premium rate hikes as high as 81 percent”

Big Obamacare insurer in North Carolina requests much-higher-than-inflation 14.1% increase for next year

East Central Illinois Obamacare carriers seeking price hikes in 40% range.

Price of Obamacare plans in Illinois to spike as much as 43% next year

“Some Insurers Seek ACA Premium Increases of 30% and Higher”

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis)

– end the individual mandate
– return Medicaid to a poverty program (100% FPL)
– legalize true catastrophic insurance
















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