The Stupidity of Jonathan Gruber

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Jonathan Gruber slinks away from Vermont, FIRED in settlement of billing fraud case against him

NY ACA rates to soar ave 14% next year after soaring 17% this year. Why should GA and MD have all the fun?

“Illinois residents face Obamacare rate hikes of up to 43%”.  You can thank the Republicans for failing to repeal.

Regulators approve 23-50% ACA rate hikes in Maryland. #GoAwayBadDream

50% ACA rate hikes predicted for NY, GA & and MD in 2018; ending CSR subsidies would expose true cost

Beverly Gossage‏ @bghsa 1h1 hour ago … #ACARepeal Let KS&MO restore competition & increase low priced plan options. @JerryMoran @IWV @ObamacreTrthSqd
42% ACA rate hike coming in Missouri

Health system blames ACA for closure of its insurance arm that lost hundreds of millions of dollars

Health system closing insurance arm whines about ACA risk adjustment transfers – guess u didn’t read the law.

Lucky Nevadans in former ACA dead zones now get to pay skyrocketing premiums, deductibles

Another Obamacare fiasco: study shows ACA slowed ambulance response times average 19%

For the umpteenth time, Medicaid is welfare.  Dishonest to call it ‘insurance’ on Maine expansion ballot

4 million paid IRS penalty last year to escape disastrous Obamacare regime

“Bringing down health care costs starts with repealing Obamacare”

Extra job and dipping into savings are what some have to do to afford the Affordable Care Act

“New Research Shows Many In Middle-Aged, Middle Class Can’t Afford ACA Policies in 2018”

“Obamacare’s unsubsidized customers face higher prices and doctor changes”

ACA spawned 454,000 new administrative positions providing no care and  costing $38.2 billion a year

Government-run healthcare: insurers disappearing, doctors refusing patients, huge new costs

ACA ‘navigator’ “received $200,000 and enrolled ONE person in Obamacare.”

Federal gov’t utterly incapable of managing something as complicated as healthcare

HHS: half of U.S. Counties down to one ACA insurer. This is not what we were promised.

Another #KasichKalamity – former budget hawk proposes giant unconstitutional bailout for miscreant ACA

Unappropriated funding of Obamacare cost-sharing subsidies unconstitutional; violates separation of powers

Abigail Nobel‏ @PolicyRNAbby Aug 19
Abigail Nobel Retweeted Obamacare TruthSquad
Cash is king. Never accept unpriced routine #care, & never accept the first price. Cash pay saves service time, merits 30-70% discount! #dpc
Prices drop when people shop.

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– end the individual mandate
– return Medicaid to a poverty program (100% FPL)
– legalize true catastrophic insurance



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