Democratic Governor Admits Anger About Obamacare is Justified

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Parents of disabled adult child: Medicaid expansion diluted funds for severely disabled

NH Medicaid expansion population costs more per capita than expected.  #GroundhogDay

Cost shifting by Medicaid expansion patients to ACA exchange customers becoming unsustainable

Louisiana Medicaid expansion enrollment blew past projections in first year; now at 433,412

Partial victory Maine ballot fight: Medicaid expansion now ‘coverage’ instead of ‘insurance’. It’s still welfare.

Unsubsidized ACA customers getting whacked; that end of the market in ‘classic early stages of a death spiral’

Cigna hiking Missouri ACA premiums average 42%

*  *  Democratic Governor of Colorado admits anger justified at Obamacare’s spiking premiums and fleeing insurers

Colorado: “Obamacare health insurance rates average 26.7 percent increase statewide”

“Ohioans face sharp premium hikes, fewer insurers on Obamacare exchanges”

Anthem cuts Kentucky footprint in half for 2018

“Optima’s exit may leave many Virginia counties with no ObamaCare insurer”

“ObamaCare is making the middle class the new uninsured”

Small business victim of Obamacare – plan canceled, new plan inferior but costs $26,000 more. Sorry, no raises.

Delaware woman is irked gov’t telling her to work less to get bigger Obamacare subsidy

Massachusetts ACA co-op flop placed in receivership

ACA co-op flop leaves Utah taxpayers on the hook for $10 million for unpaid claims

“Sticker shock: Obamacare’s specialty drug customers faced big price hikes in 2017”. #ItsNotWorking

ACA premiums will continue to skyrocket as long as guaranteed issue & community rating are the law of the land

Rep. DeSantis offers amendment to defund Congressional exemption to Obamacare.

Congressional exemption: false statements to D.C. small business exchange violated criminal laws

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– end the individual mandate
– return Medicaid to a poverty program (100% FPL)
– legalize true catastrophic insurance




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