Medicaid Expansion Baby Elephant Grows Up

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Mike Pence as Indiana’s Governor refused to expand Medicaid, calling it “the gift of a baby elephant”.  The baby has grown up and is eating states out of house and home.

Maine’s Governor refuses voter-approved Medicaid expansion until the state finds a way to pay for it

Credit agencies say Maine’s Medicaid expansion will ruin state’s finances

“Trump Official Says Medicaid Expansion Not Sustainable Without Changes”

“La. AG says Medicaid expansion has ‘exacerbated’ the state’s opioid crisis” – prescriptions doubled.

Louisiana Medicaid expansion enrollment continues to blow past projections

26 states added benefits to their Medicaid programs in FY17; only possible b/c of federal deficit spending

Massachusetts hits the wall; Medicaid expansion boosted program costs to 40% of state budget; looking for cuts

Iowa Medicaid hits the wall, wins reprieve from retroactive eligibility.

Politicians who make their careers giving away Other People’s Money – lock them up!

Provider leaves Iowa’s wunderbar managed Medicaid program, says state low-balled the costs

600,000 disabled stuck on waiting lists as Medicaid expansion’s able-bodied childless adults waltz right in

New Mexico scrambling to find at least $50 million more after Medicaid expansion busts budget

Another salami slice toward full Medicaid expansion in Utah. #WrongDirection

“Cover Oregon improperly enrolled 41,400 in Medicaid, owes feds up to $64 million”. More gov’t, please!

Why is it the government’s job to sell health insurance? Where’s that in the Constitution?

Automakers step up sales pitches as government slashes effort … then I woke up

Delayed Obamacare health insurance tax to hit middle class families, seniors, small business

“Obamacare customers look for alternatives” – off-exchange, short-term, health sharing ministries, etc.

“Under Obamacare, Premium Growth Continues To Outpace Rise In Worker Wages”

Edw. Mitchell MS MBA‏ @coldstreams Nov 4Replying to
64 yr old couple, $65k income, above subsidy cut off, $49,000/yr premiums for Silver, in Laramie, WY. Quote from
OCTS: Who ever dreamed they would see a $50,000 Obamacare plan?  The cheerleaders have some explaining to do.  #ItsNotWorking

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– end the individual mandate
– return Medicaid to a poverty program (100% FPL)
– legalize true catastrophic insurance


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