ACA Enrollment Will Decline

Don’t be misled; Obamacare enrollment on track to FALL 19-41%. #EpicFAIL

4-year-old Colette Briggs can’t keep her doctors because of Obamacare’s narrow networks

Molina’s ACA customers in Utah slammed into another plan, face higher prices, uncertainties in coverage

Study finds ACA-noncompliant plans are way cheaper. Duh!

Concerns about Obamacare’s impossible food calorie count rule and its absurd penalties go unaddressed

Obamacare shot itself in the foot by allowing “children” under age 26 to stay on parents plan; sicker risk pool the result

Risk pool still lop-sided; only 26% of enrollees 34 or younger, 40% needed to avoid death spiral. #ItsNotWorking

Obamacare’s delayed health insurance tax looms; 4-6% on every plan sold

ACA-induced hospital and physician consolidation means higher prices, fewer choices, no incentive to improve

More demagoguery: How do you ‘kick people off’ coverage they don’t want to buy?

Health Sharing a good way to escape Obamacare

Obamacare hospital readmission penalties are killing people. #TheyWereWrongAboutEverything

‘Health insurance should be voluntary. Punishing people for not buying something they can’t afford is just mean.’

Individual mandate tax penalty thingy falling disproportionately on those who can least afford it (2-min video)

“Obamacare’s individual mandate is a tax on the working poor”

“Businesses eliminated hundreds of thousands of full-time jobs to avoid Obamacare mandate”

The Left never quits. If you lose in federal arena, sue Little Sisters of the Poor in state court to fund  abortion, contraceptive coverage

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