It’s the Price Hikes, Stupid

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Trump tax cut being swallowed up by Obamacare premium increases

ACA benchmark plans up average 29% this year

Tennessee couple victims of 220% Obamacare premium increase over 4 years; “What part of this is ‘affordable’?”

“Obamacare Continues to Crush Small Business Owners in 2018”

ACA’s “preexisting conditions provisions create perverse incentives for insurers to reduce the quality of coverage”

The problem of eroding preexisting conditions coverage cannot be solved until ACA’s coverage mandates eliminated

Bye-Bye, individual mandate. Employer mandate, you’re next.

Idaho repudiation of Obamacare coverage mandates is a direct challenge to federal authority; insurers face lawsuits if offer noncompliant plans

Cruz: finish the job of repealing Obamacare and use reconciliation to do it.

New study: ACA-inspired workplace wellness programs don’t work, don’t save money or make employees healthier. #TheyWereWrongAboutEverything

Consequences of not building back-end: thousands of ineligible applicants receiving subsidies (death, SSN, citizenship, other problems)

Study: more people on Obamacare exchanges facing insurance monopolies, higher premiums, narrower networks

Genius masterminds overlooked the obvious, so Obamacare never really caught on because the uninsured don’t pay full cost of their medical care.

Opposition to impending Obamacare IPAB ‘death panel’ growing; kill it now before treatable people are left to die

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program (100% FPL)


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