Not so Affordable After All

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Ohio town drops employee health insurance because Obamacare made it UNAFFORDABLE

Stupidity of the Obamacare Genius Masterminds – didn’t foresee narrow networks problem they were creating, but it’s a real problem

“ObamaCare’s reinsurance program did not reduce premiums by a single penny”; good thing fight over abortion killed ACA subsidies in the budget bill

Insurers: we don’t want cost sharing subsidies because they will reduce our other subsidies. Huh? What a stupid law.

Effort to reimpose individual mandate fails in Connecticut. Ha ha ha ha ha!

“It was inevitable from the beginning that Obamacare would, thanks to its design, devolve into what it is has now become: a heavily subsidized high-risk pool for low-income enrollees.”

Max Baucus told us the purpose of Obamacare is radical leftist income redistribution – not healthcare – and that’s exactly what it is.

Diverting people to primary care instead of the ER does NOT reduce healthcare costs; in fact it INCREASES them. #TheyWereWrongAboutEverything

Another piece of Obamacare bites the dust – “health insurance providers fee” imposed on states as condition to receive Medicaid funds

It’s getting sillier. Let’s expand Medicaid and keep everybody off of it. (“Medicaid Expansion’s Troubled Future”)

New Hampshire Medicaid expansion spirals out of control; legislation introduced to cut back eligibility

Louisiana Medicaid expansion continues to blow past estimates: > 460K enrolled v. estimated 300K; costs to state more than double hi-end projection ($2.91B v. $1.4B)

“Michigan Medicaid expansion ‘out of control’” – 680,000 signed up, far exceeding original estimate of 470,000

Medicaid cheerleader calls it a ‘health insurance program’. Let’s be real clear about this: Medicaid is WELFARE, not health insurance.

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program




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