Ruination, Thy Name is Northam

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Smooth-talking @GovernorVA unaware of stress tests showing effect on budget if Medicaid expansion blows up like in other states. He filibusters & falsely claims no state is reversing MedEx when Ark & Mass have asked to roll it back. (at 24:00) #LIAR

Massachusetts and Arkansas trying to roll back Medicaid expansion from 138% to 100% FPL – have to ask Washington ‘pretty please’

Medicaid expansion supporters charged with felonies for forging signatures on petition to put expansion on November ballot. #TheScurrilousLeftWillTryAnything

“Medicaid Expansion Bill Stopped in Idaho” – would have slammed people with private insurance onto dysfunctional Medicaid

#UnicornsAndRainbows report from Louisiana officials ignores fact people dropping Obamacare exchange coverage to enroll in Medicaid expansion, thus costing state subsidy dollars

If Medicaid expansion so great, why does this Ohio gubernatorial candidate want to end it?

Arizona Medicaid hits the wall, asks Washington pretty please if it can end retroactive coverage for recipients

GAO: Medicaid improper payments, including fraud, spiked to $37 BILLION last year

Comrades, this Obamacare turkey, #ItsNotWorking – so let’s ramp up the coercion with auto-enrollment

Obamacare victims, thy name is legion: “we lost the ability to see the doctors we want to see…. My wife and I ended up having to find new primary care physicians, and every specialist.”

Cost of satisfying the Obamacare Pepperoni Police: $5,000 annually per pizza place, as Trump admin poised to implement calorie count rule.

Obamacare call center contractor accused of $100 million wage theft. #ObamacareCaChingCaChing

Trump admin’s 4 new exemptions will save millions of people from Obamacare individual mandate penalty next year (one/no insurer, no abortion-free plan, no specialty care plan)

Push in states for reinsurance is latest example of how Obamacare has failed.

“Anthem sees increased profits after selling fewer ObamaCare plans”

Despite the dazzling rhetoric about ‘bending the cost curve’, the bottom line on Obamacare is “healthcare costs are so absurdly high that millions of Americans are no longer going to see their doctors.”

The high cost of Obamacare: “the nationwide increase in premiums will cost the taxpayers $10 billion more in subsidies this year.”

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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