More Price Hikes Coming

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More Obamacare price hikes coming – Virginia up to 64%, Maryland average 30%, rest of the country can expect the same.

Obamacare prices to jump 34% for benchmark plans, sparking $10 billion jump in cost of subsidies. #ItsNotWorking

What happened to all the brave talk about ACA premiums not going up and the market stabilizing next year?  Ha ha ha ha ha! #ItsStillNotWorking

Consensus reached: “ACA’s cost-containment mechanisms are failing, and the net effect of the law has been to make our national healthcare affordability problem worse than it was.”

Blahous red pill: “the ACA is pushing our health costs upward.” So much for ‘bending the cost curve down.’ #FoolMeWithDazzlingRhetoric

Short-term non-ACA plans can reduce number of uninsured by 1.7M, reduce premiums by 68%, and save federal taxpayers $686M.

Price advantage of short-term over ACA plans widens; “30-year-olds could pay 80 percent less for short-term plans than for bronze plans”

Burdensome Obamacare calorie count rule goes into effect; pizza shops hope for reprieve.

Trump rescission seeks to cut $800M from Obamacare innovation center

Obamacare’s fatal flaw: “trying to shoehorn people who are almost by definition uninsurable into the traditional insurance markets”

Expanded association health plans could cut Obamacare enrollment 10%. Brick by brick, let’s tear Obamacare down.

Farm bill seeks to boost agriculture-related association health plans, escape hatch from Obamacare.

Trump admin rejects lifetime limits on Medicaid in Kansas. #HotelCalifornia

Medicaid expansion goeth before the fall: Louisiana to close hospitals, cut Medicaid programs to the elderly and disabled to cope with billion-dollar budget disaster

Another Medicaid expansion #ConJob – only 42,000 thought eligible in Alaska, but enrollment has soared past 200,000.

California Dems seek to expand Medi-Cal to illegal alien adults. Enrolling quadruple the number of people expected under Medicaid expansion wasn’t enough, apparently.

650,000 seriously injured and disabled languish on waiting lists because money getting diverted to childless able-bodied adults under Medicaid expansion. #GiantSuckingSound

Medicaid expansion depresses hospital operating margins. The problem: low reimbursement rates. Whodathunkit? #ToldYouSo

Medicaid expansion through state referendum? Sure, let the people vote themselves the treasury plus what we’re borrowing from the Chinese. What could possibly go wrong? #BreadAndCircuses

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– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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