Obamacare’s Limited Enrollment Hurts People (Real Life, Real Pain)

From a benefits consultant in Kansas –

Widow with 2 young children trying to sort out life. Humana dropped her plan last fall. Helped her sign up for a plan in Exchange with subsidy. She was given until mid May to verify income. Carrier wouldn’t do direct deposit until income verified. With all her issues the May payment was missed and she forgot to turn in verification of income due to sporadic part time job and unsure of future income. Yes, she missed the deadline. It happens. Carrier said her policy was dropped end of April. Marketplace says she must wait until January 1st for next plan can start. No other plans available but STM [short-term medical] with limited coverage. She must reapply every 3 months. There is an annual lifetime max limit, or Christian sharing plans. She chose CSM.

Before ACA, I would have told her we can just apply with another carrier to start in the next couple of days at a low premium. We have no limited enrollment for auto and home owners’ insurance. People don’t get this at all. This is a daily struggle for folks and my phone rings off the hook for help. Most common complaint? I missed the deadline.

Beverly Gossage


HSA Benefits Consulting

Senior Fellow for IWV

Past President and current Legislative Chair GKCAHU

Eudora, KS
Individual and Group health and life insurance plans, Medicare, Disability, Critical Illness, Accident

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