Insurers seek ACA price hikes that outstrip inflation (all the bad news about Obamacare)

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High Risk Pools Are a Good Answer, But Obamacare DESTROYED Them (OCTS original reporting)

Insurers seek ACA price hikes that outstrip inflation – FL (8.8%) OH (8.2%) IA (5.6%) IN (5%)

Another escape hatch from Obamacare opens as final association health plan (AHP) rule promulgated

Health Policy Consensus Group proposal would replace Obamacare with block grants, expand HSAs, etc. It’s the only serious repeal effort going at the moment.

Texas doctor groups urge AMA not to file brief opposing lawsuit that would end Obamacare

Reprise: Support for ACA’s supposedly popular preexisting-condition provisions drops precipitously if costs are included in the poll question

Maine legislature votes to fund first year of Medicaid expansion with one-time budget gimmicks – temporary surplus and tobacco settlement. #OpenBridgeAhead 

Oregon’s growing share of Medicaid expansion costs are one of two major contributors to state’s $500M-$1.1B budget gap. #ChickensComingHomeToRoost

Medicaid expansion has caused enrollment to explode in Alaska; botched expansion roll-out hurting truly sick and needy applicants waiting in line

Medicaid expansion enrollment continues to blow past projections in Louisiana – 475,426 as of June 18th v. 375,000 projected

Insurers are making “spectacular profits” from Medicaid expansion; costs per newly eligible adult will almost double by 2025

Nobody knows how Virginia’s new Medicaid expansion and provider tax will work out; some hospitals will be net losers. Politicians bought a pig in a poke.

Shame on Emmet Hanger, Republican who master-minded Medicaid expansion in Virginia. Censured by his local GOP unit. Hanger told OCTS some years back, ‘Us conservatives gotta stick together.’ Sure. What a phony!

North Carolina Medicaid wrapped in scandal – ‘expansionist spending by conniving Democrats who don’t care about law or ethics’

Study: Fraud, overpayments, and Medicaid expansion are drivers of soaring Medicaid costs

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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