Use the Lame Duck to Make Obamacare a Dead Duck!

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Congress should use the lame duck session to repeal Obamacare in whole or in part

Congress should use the lame duck session to de-incentivize Medicaid expansion by reducing the match rate to ordinary levels.

Congress should use the lame duck session to repeal Obamacare’s ‘Cadillac’ tax which, despite the con job about how few plans it would affect, will end up punishing most employer plans

Kentucky’s fate awaits new Medicaid expansion states: exploding enrollment, financial disaster, the truly needy go on waiting lists, the state loses control, the people lose self-sufficiency

Utah residents will pay higher taxes to fund Medicaid expansion; Nebraska and Idaho join Maine in having no idea how to pay for it. Who knew ‘getting our money back from Washington’ could be so expensive?

Yo, Stacey Abrams! Refusing Medicaid expansion is “meanness”?  Here’s what’s mean: saddling future generations with debt to pay for a crappy program that everybody knows is growing at an unsustainable rate. 

Hospital CFO re stupid hospitals that still think Medicaid expansion is a winning proposition for them: “the increase in the unreimbursed cost of care related to Medicaid expansion will far exceed the cost of charity care”

Nebraska: agriculture sector troubles make Medicaid expansion possible. Huh? #LeftistLogic #HouseOfCards #Unsustainable

“Medicaid expansion is fraudulent compassion” – people are forced to pay for it, whereas true compassion is selfless

Medicaid enrollment is growing and the program drives deficit spending.  These problems will get much worse in the next economic downturn. #Foreseeable

Virginia hit with $460 million in unexpected Medicaid costs due to faulty forecasts regarding child enrollment and savings from insurer involvement in the program

Louisiana spent $85 million on Medicaid expansion enrollees who were ineligible because they make too much money

California spent $4 billion on Medicaid for people who may not have been eligible, auditors find

Ohio auditors find state’s Medicaid program paid out $90.5 million in coverage for dead people

Medicaid expansion isn’t about healthcare; it’s about buying votes – and it works! Otto von Bismarck, call your office.

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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