Pelosi doubles down on failing Obamacare (all the bad news about Obamacare)

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Pelosi doubles down on failing Obamacare, wants to increase subsidies

Poll: most people think Texas federal judge’s ruling that Obamacare is unconstitutional should stand

Preexisting conditions provisions are the worst part of Obamacare; main driver of premiums going through the roof and millions dropping coverage

Follow the Money: third installment on dark money groups behind ‘support’ for Obamacare

As many as a million people have joined health sharing ministries (escape hatch from Obamacare), trade group says

Comment period closes on Trump administration proposed rule to make the Obamacare abortion surcharge explicit

Pelosi wants to force Medicaid expansion down states’ throats, something the Supreme Court has ruled is unconstitutional

Montana lawmakers mulling Medicaid expansion renewal, after enrollment has exploded and state auditor found problems with enrollees. Can the money be better spent elsewhere?

Siren song of Medicaid expansion: exploding enrollment, busted budgets (Nevada’s Medicaid deficit is $56M for FY2019), 8 states had to raise taxes for it, the most vulnerable shunted onto waiting lists

Bill to be introduced to block California from using federal funds to put illegal aliens on Medi-Cal (Medicaid)

No matter how you slice it, the best welfare program is a job (beats Medicaid expansion by a mile)

“Regulators have told states they no longer have to run the traditional income checks…’The Medicaid marketplace … includes no mandatory verification processes, allowing people simply to declare their income and start receiving benefits’”

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program




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