All the Bad News About Obamacare (It Never Stops)

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Federal trial judge blocks Trump administration rules expanding employer religious liberty exemptions to Obamacare abortifacient mandate

Obamacare’s EHR and bureaucratic requirements are burning doctors out in alarming numbers

States need to get going on new rules expanding association health plans and short-term limited duration plans to provide relief from Obamacare

Trump administration’s State Relief and Empowerment waivers can lessen the burden of Obamacare

Oh, woe is me – work requirements kicking people off of Medicaid expansion in Arkansas. BUT REMEMBER! – the state did it the expensive way and costs had exploded way beyond expectations. State could NOT do nothing.

Partial Medicaid expansion (to 100% FPL) is directionally wrong and more expensive for states in each individual case

Partial Medicaid expansion (to 100% FPL) would cost more money and fail the required ‘budget neutral’ test for waivers

Yo, Mississippi! ‘Limited’ Medicaid expansion? There’s no such thing. Just ask Utah.

More ‘surprise’ costs surface in Virginia Medicaid expansion roll-out. #APoliticianADayKeepsTheSanityAway

Maine’s reliance on budget gimmicks means funding for Medicaid expansion runs out June 30th

Nebraska has to find $48M to fund referendum-mandated Medicaid expansion; proposals include cutting coverage and raising taxes.

Let’s review the bidding: Medicaid expansion has blown up in Montana, Washington State, Nevada, New Mexico, etc. It has unleashed a “fiscal nightmare” on taxpayers.

Medicaid expansion not a done deal in Idaho; state constitutional claim the program leaves too much discretion in Washington still in litigation

“Medicaid, the main source of persons newly insured under ACA, was far more likely to challenge or reject doctors’ bills and took about twice as long to pay”

Game-changer? Trump administration looking at how to do Medicaid by capped block grants to the states by regulation

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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