Court Upholds Escape Hatch from Obamacare (all the bad news about Obamacare)

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Federal judge upholds Trump administration 3-year short-term health insurance regulation. #ObamacareEscapeHatch

House votes to repeal Obamacare ‘Cadillac tax’

Health insurance premiums and deductibles can exceed $25,000 a year for those who don’t receive Obamacare subsidies

Joe Biden repeats ‘you can keep your plan’ lie.  Obama knew it wasn’t true when Obama said it. That’s documented – Politifact ‘Lie of the Year’ 2013

Obamacare revisionist history: ‘the ACA was a compromise with the Republicans.’  No, the Democrats rammed it down everybody’s throat without a single Republican vote.

“U.S. appeals court blocks Trump administration birth control exemptions”

AAPS: Obamacare stands in the way of affordable health insurance for the many

Health-sharing ministry membership up 600 percent in 9 years. If Obamacare is so great, why are so many people rushing for the exits?

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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