President’s budget calls for eliminating extra federal funding for Medicaid expansion (all the bad news about Obamacare)

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White House estimates 13 million have better access to healthcare through Trump’s executive fixes, including expanded short-term plans, association plans, and health reimbursement accounts

  • Some of the wrong-headedness in Obamacare has been cleared away, but Obamacare is still the wrong direction. #RepealObamacareNow

President’s budget calls for eliminating extra federal funding for Medicaid expansion – ‘if states really want it, they can do it on their own’

Louisiana Medicaid expansion enrollment still way over projections even after several rounds of eligibility checks

Medicaid expansion is the main driver of exploding costs and attendant budget woes in Louisiana

Idaho’s new Medicaid expansion is going “remarkably smoothly” – except for the fact that enrollment now exceeds projections and we don’t know how to pay for it. Not even voodoo will get them out of this one, as Louisiana has found out.

“There’s no way to save money when you expand government,” Missouri Governor says in opposing Medicaid expansion

Gimmick put forward to support Medicaid expansion in Missouri – re-enrolling existing recipients based on income instead of their disability – has already been proclaimed illegal by federal Inspector General

Setting Medicaid expansion in stone stifles innovation, such as catastrophic insurance twinned with subsidized health savings accounts

Seven Montana lawmakers ask feds to require state to return improperly spent Medicaid money, after audit finds 50% ineligibility rate

A Kansas court decision making abortion a fundamental right under the state constitution probably means 33,000 women would get abortion coverage at taxpayer expense if Medicaid expansion is adopted

Most states have Medicaid eligibility improprieties, GAO finds, with implications for federal budget deficit

2.3 to 3.3 million people exceed income threshold and thus are improperly enrolled in Medicaid; states aren’t monitoring closelyé

NY Governor wants to shift Medicaid costs onto counties, but county official blasts state for allowing a safety net program meant for the needy to grow like a mushroom

How to Defraud Medicaid #189 – work two jobs and don’t tell the government–567745091.html

How to Defraud Medicaid #190 – become a ‘Mental Health Skill Building Agency’, bill Medicaid for having the homeless sit in your wwaiting room for hours and for watching TV with you.  Law & Order – woohoo!

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program



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