It’s Better When You Spread the Misery Around (all the bad news about Obamacare)

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“Affordable Care Act at Ten:  Huge Expansion of Welfare and Injury to Individual Insurance Market” (Galen Institute) #DependencyMachine

“After ten years of Obamacare, the cost of coverage is skyrocketing, the nation’s uninsured rate is on the rise, and millions of new patients rely on an unsustainable public insurance program that does little to benefit their health.” (Sally Pipes)

Judge skeptical of challenge to short-duration escape hatch from Obamacare: “Short-term plans draw people out of the ACA exchanges, but they also draw a lot of people into insurance who would have been uninsured otherwise.”  That’s right – hooray for the new catastrophic insurance!

Problems with Obamacare have escaped scrutiny with cries to jump right to #SinglePayer

Idaho House can’t find all the money needed for voter-mandated Medicaid expansion, kicks the can down the road to next year. #AReckoningIsComing

Arizona lawmakers approve expanding provider tax gimmick to fund Medicaid by pulling more money out of Washington

  • Hey, wasn’t Medicaid expansion supposed to save states all kinds of money?  It’s funny how expensive ‘free money’ from Washington can be.



Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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