Dems Still Dishonestly Touting ACA as the Only Fix for Preexisting Conditions (all the bad news about Obamacare)

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Excuse me, but a federal takeover of healthcare (aka Obamacare) was not the only answer to preexisting conditions.  Most states had hi-risk pools and the ACA had one, too (115,000 people signed up).  A one-page bill was all that was necessary, if federalization is your thing.

Dems admit failure, want another shot at ‘fixing’ healthcare once and for all, after their Obamacare failed to fix  healthcare once and for all

  • The Dems got everything they wanted and they’re still complaining.  What makes you think their next ‘fix’ for healthcare will be better than their previous fixes?

Obamacare premiums to go up as much as 5 percent in Montana next year.  This is not what we were promised.  #WheresMy2500

Dem Hill staffers could not be more wrong about short-term plans: “Eliminating this option would force those enrolled in short-term plans to choose between paying much higher premiums for ACA-compliant coverage and becoming uninsured.”

  • “In 2017, Balvin purchased an STLDI plan from UnitedHealthcare for $274 per month. It covered the entire cost of her emergency surgery for diverticulitis, minus a $2,500 deductible. Had she purchased an ACA plan, her premium would have been three times as high and her deductible in the range of $6,000.”

Medicaid expansion initiative passes in Missouri without a funding mechanism; where will the state get the extra $200-349 million it will have to pay every year?  Nobody knows.

  • Missouri now in the same boat as Idaho and Oklahoma

Maine – a Medicaid expansion state – facing $1.4B budget shortfall over next 3 years, hoping for a federal Medicaid bailout.  Hoping you can mooch off Washington – good plan! #StupidGovernment

House bill would dump more money on Medicaid, but more fraud and waste would be the result

Medicaid expansion driving higher Medicaid enrollment in Ohio. #Unsustainable

Virginia’s Medicaid expansion enrollment has exceeded projections ever since December 2019 and is still rising – 400K max projected, versus 452K now (up 11,000 from 4 weeks ago).

Medicaid expansion would not be ‘free’ to North Carolina – state would have to pay 10 percent, healthcare prices in the state would increase due to private insurance crowd-out, and the federal debt would rise

Medicaid expansion does not reduce black/white breast cancer mortality dispariy; disparity went UP in expansion states.

Initial increase in annual diabaetes eye exams after Medicaid expansion has dissipated; exam rate now higher in non-expansion states

This is laughable – “Kansas could be at disadvantage for attracting talented doctors unless it passes Medicaid expansion”.  You mean to tell me that doctors would be clamoring to get into a state where there would be more patients paying less than insurance, Medicare, and private payer rates?  That’s absurd.

Hospital charity care goes DOWN after Medicaid expansion. With less ‘community benefit’, tell me again why hospitals should get Medicaid expansion AND fat tax breaks?  That’s too good a deal. #OinkOink

Deconstructing the Single Payer Narrative (tweets & analysis) –

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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