Obamacare Expansion: Fascism Here We Come (all the bad news about Obamacare)

Hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and employers join forces to push Biden Obamacare expansion plan.  Pigs at the trough – oink! oink!

  • I have witnessed the complete perversion of business in my lifetime.  Big business used to be reliable allies for freedom.  Not anymore.  It’s much easier to be handed government-guaranteed customers than it is to compete in the free market.  There’s a name for the merger of business and government.  It’s called fascism, and it doesn’t end well.

Biden plan to increase Obamacare subsidies would entitle those who make well into six figures to get taxpayer-funded health coverage

  • Dems using COVID as cover to expand Obamacare subsidies now
  • Making it so the middle class can’t function without the help of the federal government may buy votes for Democrats but it’s ruinous for the country

Here we go again – Biden administration spending $50 million to push Obamacare special enrollment period

Biden administration likely to roll back Trump’s expansion of short-term health plans (escape hatch from Obamacare)

Trump rule allowing states to exit Obamacare exchange in 2022 might not take effect under Biden

HHS pick Xavier Becerra has a record as Obamacare’s top defender that presages more top-down control of healthcare ahead

Turns out that all those articles trumpeting how so many more people were signing up for Obamacare because of COVID were FAKE NEWS – final number lower than previous year and a far cry from the 21 million we were promised would want this turkey

Preexisting conditions whac-a-mole – this feature of Obamacare has produced backdoor discrimination: narrow networks, skimpy expensive drug coverage, and coverage drops.  People with conditions ranging from hemophilia to  hepatitis are complaining.

Why is individual health insurance so expensive?  Because of Obamacare’s community rating, essential health benefit requirements, mandated preexisting conditions coverage, and other onerous regulations, that’s why

Obamacare was a big lie: “The fact that you’re going to be able to keep your doctor; it’s going to lower your health care costs; it’s going to increase your quality — those were all lies. That did not happen. In fact, it was quite the opposite.”

ACA promised better coverage at lower cost.  Instead, premiums sky-rocketed, deductibles spiked, most counties went down to one or two insurers, and enrollment never reached half of what was projected

More than a thousand taxpayer-subsidized Obamacare exchange plans cover elective abortions. This violates the Hyde Amendment and means that taxpayers are funding abortions against their conscience.

Bankrupt Illinois becomes first state to give free healthcare to illegal alien seniors; no word on where the $50 million a year is supposed to come from. #Unsustainable

“If the Affordable Care Act Can’t Cover a Little Girl Battling Cancer, What the Hell Good Is It?”

  • ObamaCare has continuously pushed health insurers to drop coverage for his seven‐year‐old daughter’s cancer treatment

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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