Obamacare a Self-Inflicted Wound (All the Bad News About Obamacare)

The dictatorial Biden administration just made five million more Americans eligible for Obamacare with the stroke of a pen.  Workers who are offered family coverage by their employers that is deemed unaffordable can now get subsidies to purchase Obamacare family policies, instead.  This decision, done by administrative rule-making, should have been left to Congress.  How do we know?  Because the Obama administration said it didn’t have the authority to change the law on its own.  Plowing straight ahead, the Biden administration has just obligated taxpayers to tens of billions of dollars in new spending in a constitutional system where the House is supposed to have the power of the purse.

Still rescuing Obamacare after all these years.  This thing’s a turkey.  Another recent change – extending jumbo subsidies for three years – was an attempt to shore up Obamacare and buy votes.  But this turkey still won’t fly.  Enrollment is still nowhere near what they promised ten years ago.  CBO estimated the jumbo subsidies would goose enrollment to 16 million, and changing the family rule would net another one million, leaving enrollment ten years on still far short of the 21 million they promised.  So the administration can spend $100 million on navigators to dragoon people into signing up for Obamacare but – face it, folks – Obamacare just isn’t all that popular.

They also promised Obamacare would save people $2,500 a year on insurance.  That never happened.  Prices never went down.  They went up in a straight line after Obamacare was passed.  Stands to reason – subsidize something like college tuition or health insurance and, sure enough, the price goes up.  The jumbo subsidies guarantee the price of Obamacare will keep going up, too.

Obamacare prices will be higher next year – 6.6 percent higher in Maryland and 7.2 percent in Wisconsin.  They’re the lucky ones.  Obamacare prices will go up 10 percent overall next year, more than inflation.  Increases in Florida will be as high as 12 percent and – get this – as much as 46 percent higher in New York.  Good grief!

Meanwhile, Obamacare continues to cause other problems.  Expensive Obamacare continues to squeeze private insurance out of the market, leaving more people dependent on government-run health care programs.  From 2020 to 2021, the number of private plans decreased 1.5 million while the number of people on Medicare and Medicaid went up nearly 5 million. [Steve Moore newsletter - 9/15/22]

Nancy Pelosi promised Obamacare would let people retire so they could play the violin.  The opposite happened.  Letting children stay on their parents’ Obamacare policies to age 26 caused ‘job lock’.  People with children are more likely to stay in their current job, not less likely, because of Obamacare.

The Obamacare Healthcare.gov enrollment site has now cost $2.1 billion.  You might remember this thing was called a ‘train wreck’ by a prominent Democrat when it first rolled out.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s inflation, your Thanksgiving turkey will cost more this year – 20 percent more, to be exact.  But that’s still a bargain compared to the price of Obamacare, which has more than doubled since it began.  Think about that – what actually happened with the Democrats’ last crazy idea – before you fall for their next crazy idea.

– legalize true catastrophic insurance
– return Medicaid to a poverty program


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