Socialized Health Care = “Do It Yourself”

Kelly Oxford writes crude, often vulgar, humor and has a cult following.  She is Canadian, and her latest book, Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar (It Books, 2013)devotes an entire chapter, in the form of a letter, to an anonymous Canadian Emergency Room nurse.

Ms. Oxford showed up in a Canadian E.R. with severe abdominal pain and, reminiscent of Obama’s blithely dismissive, “just take a pain pill,” was immediately given narcotics.  Then Ms. Oxford was handed an enema bag by the nurse, and instructed to give herself an enema…in a public restroom.

Ms. Oxford vividly describes the nurse’s complete lack of interest; of stumbling around a busy hospital’s dirty public restroom, alone, in a daze of hospital-administered drugs; falling down on a dirty restroom floor with no one to help; the mess, discomfort, and confusion of her “do it yourself” medical procedure.  Ms. Oxford’s theme:  Hey, Nurse!  I thought this was your job!

Canadians have the disagreeable habit of boasting about Canada’s “free” health care system.  If Ms. Oxford’s experience is anything to go by – and too many such stories about socialized medicine exist to deny it – Canadians have nothing to brag about.


CANADA: Dying for service: Winnipeg man dies in waiting room and goes unnoticed for 34 hours.

“Health officials say a man who died in the waiting area of a major Winnipeg hospital’s emergency department may have been dead “for some time” before medical staff was alerted — 34 hours after he arrived.”

“The 45-year-old arrived by taxi at the Health Sciences Centre around 3 p.m. Friday… “

“He was found dead after midnight Sunday.”


“Someone in the waiting room alerted the hospital staff…”


“…how this person could be there for 34 hours and go sort of undetected is really surprising to us and is the focus of our investigation…”


Man dead ‘for some time’ in Winnipeg ER before staff alerted: officials

CBC News

September 23, 2008



Canadians Wait Three Years in Pain for Simple Outpatient Surgery

Comment: Here is what Obama’s central planners have planned for you – waiting years in agony. No wonder medical parking lots in Detroit are full of Canadian license plates.

“Canadian citizen Lyle Regehr woke up one morning with debilitating back pain so extreme that he literally began crawling across the floor in agony….”

“After suffering through his country’s long waiting list to even get to see a doctor, he found out that he would have to wait another three years before even getting the chance to have the minor outpatient surgery that would immediately remedy the entire situation. He also learned that waiting so long would likely leave him crippled for life and perpetually unable to function on the most basic level.”

“Canada’s “health care” system, which Obama is admittedly trying to duplicate here, is the same one that left 10,000 cancer patients suing over having to wait more than six months to even begin critical life-saving treatments that one could get without delay in America’s “broken” system.”

Another Canadian health care horror story
Robert Moon
March 23, 2010


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