Single Payer

‘Healthcare is a right’
- Canada doesn’t think so.
Doctor explains how ‘healthcare is a right’ drove her out of medicine
Don’t miss: the Canadian government argued in court “there is no freestanding constitutional right to health care.”

Single payer always leads to rationing.
“NHS risking people’s health by rationing test strips, Diabetes UK says”. There’s the r-word again. #Rationing
VA and Indian Health Service show reality of government-run medicine (‘Don’t get sick after June’)
NHS #SinglePayer junks rules rationing surgeries to those in most pain. Who gets the short end of the stick next?

There’s never enough money for single payer.
Previous California #SinglePayer bill found that an 11% worker tax would still leave system $40B/yr short.
UK #SinglePayer needs 25 billion pounds emergency cash infusion.
#SinglePayer will push California, already in deficit, off a financial cliff. #NoBailouts

Single payer will not reduce administrative costs (e.g., ‘save money by cutting out insurance’).
#SinglePayer can’t save $500B/yr in insurance admin costs when those costs are only $194.6B/yr
Factor in admin by other agencies and fraud and Medicare costs more to administer than private insurance.
Activist deceives with claim #SinglePayer is ‘half the cost’. Preposterous! Prove it!

Single payer politicizes healthcare.
“NHS and medical devices regulator tried to limit scandal over vaginal mesh implants”. #SinglePayer
VA touts services for 20 transgenders at same time gov’t report finds safety, cleanliness issues hospital-wide
Future of California #SinglePayer – militant unions invest huge sums to prevent reforms.

Single payer will not equalize care for all.
Rich and poor will get same healthcare – #LIARS ! UK NHS went two-tier after gov’t hospital took private patients
Rich and poor will get same care, quality and access will improve, and other pipedreams of #SinglePayer

Isn’t there something wrong when single-payer advocates have to lie to make their case?
‘Canadians don’t come to U.S. for better medical treatment.’ Oh? Politician had heart surgery here in 2010.

#SinglePayer cheerleaders never discuss the problems with single payer, but they’re insurmountable.
UK socialized medicine: no malpractice compensation.  Are you sure that’s what you want?  
- Stories of poor medical care in #SinglePayer systems are legion.
UK NHS #SinglePayer baby deaths investigation finds dangerous practices, lack of safety culture
Apathy at government hospital in India leads to lady delivering baby in auto-rickshaw. #SinglePayer
UK NHS #SinglePayer – “Elderly patients are being left hungry at mealtimes”
- #SinglePayer systems become corrupt.
7 fired at Ghana government hospital for diverting finds, soliciting bribes for drugs and lab tests. #SinglePayer
India #SinglePayer – “Unable to pay bribe for hospital wheelchair, patient uses son’s toy tricycle”
- #SinglePayer cheerleaders love making empty promises about the future but they never acknowledge or discuss the problems that lie in wait.
Letter writer thinks socialized medicine is wonderful. Ignores access problems and huge fraud in Medicaid.
Doc advocates #SinglePayer but silent on cost, problems, own financial conflict of interest. #StickToYourKnitting—/article_3866e21f-17ec-5d5b-8b4e-ba151b8daa1a.html
-  Single payer means wait times Americans would find unacceptable.
Ave wait time for specialists lengthens to 5 mo.s in Canada, double what it was in 1993. #AnswerTheHardQuestions
NHS #SinglePayer in meltdown as ERs record worst wait times ever
Wait times climbing in Australian public hospitals
VA hospitals have longer wait times than reported to regional VA leaders
Troubling report on VA wait times in North Carolina raises trust issues
- Venezuela’s single payer system is a complete mess.
 Venezuela hospital beds empty because treatment and supplies nonexistent. ‘Give the job to someone who cares’.
Baseball star can’t find medicine for dad in Venezuela. #SinglePayerRealities
- Who are you going to call when #SinglePayer docs go on strike?
Kenya fires striking #SinglePayer docs.
Government docs strike in India.  #SinglePayer doctor strikes not just for Kenya and UK anymore.
Single payer leads to covert euthanasia.
#SinglePayer numbers will never add up without systemic euthanasia. NHS found that out. Admit it.

Wrong: ‘Single payer is not socialized medicine, because medical services are delivered by private providers.’
Hairsplitters whine that #SinglePayer not ‘socialized medicine’ but there are no agreed definitions of these terms

Single-payer advocates want you to believe it’s inevitable, but it’s not. Keep speaking out.
- Colorado #SinglePayer polled at 50% when introduced Jan 2016, yet flopped miserably despite well-funded campaign. Minds can be changed.
- Support for single payer drops when the problems with it are considered.
Support for #SinglePayer drops dramatically if cost included in poll question

Government healthcare: the cost goes up, the quality goes down, and the system becomes inhumane.
3 patients at UK #SinglePayer hospital died on their beds waiting for medical attention.
Millions of Brits buy private health insurance to escape “mind-bogglingly stupid” NHS #SinglePayer treatment



As the imminent collapse of Obamacare becomes more and more painfully clear, Democrats on Capitol Hill have been pow-wowing about transmutating the failed law into a fully government-run choiceless health control system, specifically, universal Medicare.

But, the average Medicare beneficiary receives three dollars in benefits for every dollar they contributed to the program.[1-3]  Obviously, extending that to the entire nation is mathematically impossible: no program can pay three times as much in benefits as it receives in funding.

Further, all those funds ultimately come from taxpayers, either in federal income tax, or higher prices consumers pay on goods as a result of taxes on corporations.  There is no free lunch.

And, if there’s any doubt at all remaining about Medicare’s efficiency, reading this one tiny provision of the law should settle that question permanently, in the negative:




This typical person paid around $64,971 in Medicare payroll taxes over his lifetime. Likewise, after netting out Medicare premiums, he’ll receive around $173,886 in lifetime Medicare benefits.





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