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#SinglePayer in one picture (Venezuela)


June 2016

#SinglePayer – healthcare from government slugs who just want to go home at 5 o’clock. What could possibly go wrong?

#SinglePayer would turn docs into clock-punching government slugs who lack professionalism

Bid-rigging, nepotism scandal alleged at UK’s NHS.  #OinkOink

British girl gets scalp rash from acrylic wig after NHS refuses her a real hairpiece

“Medicare Bust Uncovers Nearly $1 Billion in Fraudulent Billing”$1-Billion-in-Fraudulent-Billing

Activists pushing for Democratic platform to include #SinglePayer

#SinglePayer bills in Massachusetts would raise costs, reduce access, fail to produce savings

VA hospital director gets 5-yr sentence for taking bribes for giving info to contractors

Houston VA caught canceling vets’ appointments to make wait times appear shorter

U don’t care if government healthcare becomes like the old cars and decrepit buildings of Havana. U just want to be in control, like Castro.

No waiting lines for CT scans in Canada! (for pets, that is). #SinglePayer

Bounty hunter sues Medicare: bureaucrats actively frustrate anti-fraud efforts. #SinglePayer

Swedish co.s turn to private insurers because #SinglePayer wait times don’t get people back to work fast enough

Pres. Obama’s opposition to privatization of VA based on bogus claim progress made in wait times

24,000 of our servicemen and women were denied needed aid from VA to recover from brain trauma

UK NHS neglects stroke survivors and rehab; “”I really feel they do not care about me.” #CompassionGap

Denver Post pans #SinglePayer – pay cuts for doctors & nurses, less tech, no private hospital rooms

Were Medicare and Medicaid cheaper than expected? Then why do you expect ‘Medicare/Medicaid for All’ (#SinglePayer) to be cheaper?

“writing that a totally government run program works better is a liberal fantasy”

Success of Cuba’s propaganda about its medical system is based on lies; education worse, resources lacking.

Poor surgical technique of Cuban doctors damaged the vision of dozens of Jamaicans

96 Cuban doctors were expelled from Brazil, called ‘witch doctors and shamans’

“When government is in charge, you get long lines and someone else deciding if you get treatment.”

Wait times climb at VA; half million vets waiting over 30 days for care

Dear Progs, #Obamacare turned out AWESOME!!! xoxox Can’t wait for #SinglePayer train wrecks

brother bob ‏@Brother_Bob 15h15 hours ago
brother bob Retweeted Obamacare TruthSquad
This is why we need single payer – then health care will be completely free! #S***LiberalsBelieve
Hard Questions for Medicaid expansion: What happens to your state budget when court orders expensive treatments? …

Colorado #SinglePayer fueled by same magical thinking that produced state’s failed #ACA co-op

Colorado thinks an extra 10% income tax enough to pay for #SinglePayer – ha! VT bailed when extra tax 25%

Sen. Diane Feinstein: #SinglePayer is “socialized medicine” and she’s against it

“Eight-Year-Old Venezuelan Boy Who Protested Drug Shortages Has Died”. #SocialismKills

Venezuelan #SinglePayer – patients lie on floor in own blood; no oxygen, antibiotics, seizure medicine.

Venezuelan hospitals collapsing – babies dying, blood not cleaned off operating tables, X-ray machines broken

Naïve editorial from doc blasts ins co.s for denying claims while ignoring gov’t is biggest claims denier of all

Naïve editorial from doc advocates #SinglePayer while ignoring all its problems (docs, stick to medicine)

“Senate report slams VA watchdog for ‘systemic’ failures in probe of Wisconsin hospital”. #SinglePayer


May 2016

#SinglePayer? ur the same people who wanted #ACA. I don’t believe a word u say. Keep your plan/doctor. What will u promise this time?

Prominent cancer doc in Singapore’s public system accused of malpractice, misdiagnosis. #RoseColoredGlasses

Top cancer doc: Patients cannot trust UK NHS to make sure they get the best available treatment on time.

UK: “NHS faces £10bn-a-year deficit by 2020” #SinglePayer –cost goes up, quality goes down, system becomes inhumane

“Sorry, Bernie fans. His health care plan is short $17,000,000,000,000.”

If u think u want #SinglePayer, just look at the VA

Sally Pipes ‏@sallypipes May 19
My latest piece in @Forbes: “America Marches Blindly Toward Single-Payer”  #Bernie #Singlepayer #healthcare #Hillary

Pat Crocker ‏@VTmomm May 20
Pat Crocker Retweeted Paul Dame @ObamacreTrthSqd
PragerU ‏@prageru May 19
Aside from no electricity, antibiotics, soap, or beds, hospitals in socialist Venezuela sound great!
Paul Dame ‏@Dame4VT
@prageru @T_OMorrow365 and it will take years to recover. Romanian hospitals are still affected by Communist policies 20+ years later
4:46 AM – 20 May 2016

Beat me, kick me, give me #SinglePayer.

UK deteriorating #SinglePayer fined for incompetently leaking the names of more than 700 HIV patients.

UK deteriorating #SinglePayer failing to prevent unsafe sending of elderly patients home

UK deteriorating #SinglePayer 50,000 doctors and nurses short; relying on temp agencies to fill gaps

UK deteriorating #SinglePayer canceling operations at last minute due to lack of staff and beds; 15-yr hi.

OCTS New Feature – Deadly GeRMs (government-run medicine horror stories).  More arrows in the quiver for the #SinglePayer Hunger Games

Physicians group’s #SinglePayer ideas include new taxes, illegal immigrants, and naiveté (less paperwork??)

“Prominent Democratic Consultants Sign Up to Defeat Single Payer in Colorado”

Selling #SinglePayer #1 – snooker conservatives like Ike sold National Defense Highway System in 1956

#SinglePayer Dazzling Rhetoric #1 – ‘it will help the national defense, cheaper, more $$ for military’.

OCTS New Feature – equipping you for the coming fight over #SinglePayer. Let’s get out ahead of the other side, for once!

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