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Dem: ‘We’ll Just Force Doctors to Work’

Comment: (The article below made Drudge.) The Truth Squad knew this wouldn’t be long in coming. Never mind that a majority of the American people never wanted Obamacare. The Democrats rammed it down our throats anyway. Never mind that Democrat … Continue reading

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Really? Obamacare Asks About Your Sex Life?

Comment:  The article below has been criticized for not being truthful. Obamacare’s supporters are given to attacking every little thing hypertechnically wrong in what their opponents say, even if it’s irrelevant to the greater issue at hand. The article asserts … Continue reading

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Blog Wars: Obamacare Supporters Deliberately Spreading Misinformation

Let’s be very clear: The Supreme Court ruled in the Obamacare case that the government CANNOT force you to buy a product. It can only force you to pay a tax, but we knew that already. So the following exchange … Continue reading

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Obamacare’s Spy Machine

Comment:  If you’ve ignored or discounted reports about how desperately and how far the Obama administration wants to intrude into your life, then you need to know about the F-E-D-E-R-A-L   D-A-T-A   H-U-B. Remember that term. It will become a big … Continue reading

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Great News for Hobby Lobby

Comment: Winning a preliminary injunction means Hobby Lobby is likely to succeed on the merits. There really is something to this constitutional religious liberty stuff. “Today, a federal court granted Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. a preliminary injunction against the HHS abortion-drug mandate, … Continue reading

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Obama Surrenders in Abortifacient Case

Comment: Who says resistance is futile? Also, get this: The White House tweeted one day in May in response to criticism about Obamacare that “Its. The. Law.” and posted a picture of the President’s signature on the law.  The lady … Continue reading

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Alert!!! The Danger That is Called “IPAB”

Comment:  No matter what you think of Obamacare, it is imperative that you understand the threat posed by “IPAB”. It is more than just a price-control mechanism. If left in place, it will spread tentacles of control beyond your healthcare, … Continue reading

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